Business Cards

Business cards represent you when you can't be there to remind your customer of who you are and how valuable your product or service can be.  When you exchange business cards with someone you increase the likelihood that they will return to your information again and eventually purchase your product or service. 

Nearly one-third (34%) of small business owners say that using business cards to network is ‘very impactful,' and 40% strongly agree that their business card ‘is critically important for successfully networking.'  The average American small business owner distributes approximately 40 business cards in a given month, compared to an average of 24 business cards given out monthly by the general businessperson.

Many find a modified business card useful for travel (historical note: this used to be known as a "calling card").  It is a great way to give out your information without having to stop and find a pen and paper!

Use your business card to generate interest in your product or service and collect business cards to increase your customer base or mailing list.

Non-Profit clothing bank business card
Business Card
Card for Home Business
Catering Business Card